Medical Aid to Yemen

Hospitals and health facilities all over Yemen are in desperate need to restock their shelves with supplies vital for patients’ survival. UHR is working alongside Beit Al Khair to deliver a container load of life-saving medicines and health supplies to Yemen. The shipment includes essential chronic disease medicines, insulin vials, antibiotics, vaccines and other vital medical supplies and equipment. This container load is crucial to help keeping some of the health facilities functioning and providing patients with necessary healthcare.

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), almost 16.4 million people lack access to health services across the entire country of Yemen. Since the onset of the conflict in 2011, hospitals and health facilities have suffered a severe shortage of medicines and medical supplies, as well as specialized medical personnel. Millions of families are on the brink of famine. Yemen has also suffered the largest outbreak of cholera ever recorded. In Yemen, Beit Al Khair is working with partners to ensure access to basic health services, supplies, food, water and shelter. We urgently need your help to feed families and save lives in this dire situation.

Yemen Crisis Appeal

According to the United Nations, Yemen is the world’s worst humanitarian crisis with over 11 million innocent civilians in need of immediate care in order to survive. Furthermore, about 75 percent of the population (22 million people) is in need of urgent humanitarian assistance. The humanitarian situation continues to deteriorate with fuel shortages, rising food prices and a severe lack of basic services making daily survival a painful struggle for millions. Innocent people in Yemen are also facing the effects of conflict and violence. 

They are plagued with displacement and the breakout of deadly diseases, including cholera, which has already infected more than one million people and is spreading to more due to the lack of access to clean water and food. Cholera is a treatable disease that can be avoided with proper care. Help us provide access to safe, clean water and medical aid to all the struggling families in Yemen. The current situation has taken its toll on the entire population of Yemen, and more than two million children are malnourished. With your support, UHR can help save lives and improve the situation. Help us ease this dire condition by donating to our cholera response, clean water and food distribution projects in Yemen today.

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