Syrian Refugees

Since the onset of the conflict in Syria, Jordan has shouldered the impact of a massive refugee influx across its borders. Syrian refugees account for nearly 10 percent of the kingdom’s population, placing substantial pressure on its over-stretched resources. More than 700,000 Syrians are registered with the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees. About 81 percent of these refugees live in urban villages and major cities around Jordan, where they mainly rely on themselves to cover rent, transportation and medical care.

A limited number of refugees have work permits; thus most of these families rely on humanitarian assistance to meet their basic needs. More than 40,000 Syrians are stranded at the northeastern border between Jordan and Syria. More than half the Syrian refugee population consists of children. Although most Syrian refugees in Jordan live in host communities, the country is now home to the second largest refugee camp in the world – Zaatari camp. This requires a great deal of assistance in every aspect and, with your help, we aim to provide the proper care to as many affected families as possible.

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