More than half a million people from Rohingya have been forced to flee in order to escape the violence and persecution in Myanmar. These victims take dangerous journeys in an attempt to reach safer grounds in the neighboring country of Bangladesh. These refugees, as well as the generous impoverished community that is hosting them, urgently need our help. The refugees in Bangladesh are still living in the same temporary plastic and bamboo shelters that were built when they first arrived. Monsoons and cyclones are very common in the area where they reside, making the already dire conditions even worse. Some refugees expressed to reporters that, “When it rains we sit together, all our family members holding the house down so the house won’t blow away. At night it is very dark here, we have no lights.”


With your support, UHR can help alleviate the situation for refugees in Bangladesh by providing them with the necessities and means to go about their lives with the dignity they deserve. Bangladesh is one of the most populous countries in the world and its refugee camps are overloaded. To address this refugee crisis, we urge you to donate to UHR’s Emergency Disaster Relief Fund today.

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