East Africa

It is estimated that about 15 million people are suffering from hunger in the region and over four million have fled their homes due to drought. With continued violence and rising prices, a food catastrophe is spiraling out of control, people are dying from hunger and urgent action is needed. UHR is responding to the situation by providing life-saving supplies, such as food, water and shelter. It is our goal to reach as many families as possible. With your help, we’d be able to help even more people.

Millions of people are affected by drought and suffer from hunger in East Africa. The region is suffering from severe drought, causing crops to fail and livestock to die. The lack of safe clean water for drinking and sanitation is increasing the risk of cholera and other life-threatening diseases. Violence in the region is leading to millions fleeing their homes, leaving them in need of emergency aid, especially food. On top of the violence and lack of food in East Africa, flooding is another crisis the region faces and instantly affects millions of people. Somalia is on the brink of famine. The very limited access to safe clean water is increasing the number of people suffering from acute water diarrhea, cholera and other life-threatening diseases. 

More than six million people are in need of humanitarian assistance. Food security remains a problem in Kenya; at least two million people are at risk of malnutrition and diseases. Nearly one million people are displaced due to conflict in Ethiopia. The country also suffers from food insecurity, leaving millions of civilians hungry. With several years of ongoing conflict, almost five million people are facing extreme hunger in Sudan and over 60 percent of the population is in need of emergency humanitarian assistance.

Working alongside local NGOs, UHR provides many families in Somalia, Kenya and Ethiopia with life-saving humanitarian aid, including safe clean water, sanitation, hygiene, food and shelter. Long-term development plans are in progress to help communities cope with the current famine, frequent droughts and climate changes. We need help to save lives and rebuild livelihoods, so please consider donating today.

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