The vulnerable people of Yemen face the triple threat of war, hunger, and disease. The people of Yemen are being starved.  Since the onset of the conflict in March 2015, war has put 24 million Yemeni women, men, and children in need of urgent humanitarian assistance. The current situation is worsening, which could prevent life-saving aid from reaching the country on time.

The United Nations fears that millions of more lives could be lost as food prices have rocketed, pushing huge numbers of people into poverty. Cholera is widespread and emergency levels of people need safe clean water, hygiene facilities, and food.

To make matters worse, the COVID-19 coronavirus has spread in the country and it is estimated that there may have been over 1 million infected cases. And with only 50% of healthcare facilities in the country functioning, the pandemic could further devastate Yemen’s already fragile healthcare system.

5 years on, the people of Yemen remain in the worst humanitarian crisis in the world.

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