Vocational Training & Sewing Tools

United Hands Relief works tirelessly to empower women and transform their lives through access to education and skills training, thus breaking the cycle of poverty.

Training for Widows in Jordan

In 2020, United Hands Relief launched a women’s training program in Jordan enabling widows to access a three months training course teaching them sewing skills and technical design. The course helped vulnerable Jordanian widows, as well as refugee women from Syria and Palestine, to become self-reliant. These women now have the skills to enter the labour force and support themselves and their families. All of the trainees are living in poverty and half of them have fled for their lives from the brutal conflict in Syria to become refugees in neighbouring Jordan

However Small, your Contribution Will Help

Supporting women in Gaza

In Gaza, we offer women training in sewing and design basics. All of the women trainees are living below the line of poverty and half of them are widows. By gaining these skills, they will be able to live free from poverty and gain stable, skilled employment.

United Hands Relief is working tirelessly to eradicate poverty in the countries we serve. By donating $50 to our Women’s Vocational Training Fund, you can provide a needy woman with livelihoods support, empowering her to become self-sufficient and allowing her to take care of her children and other relatives.

By giving just $250, you can provide a vulnerable woman in Pakistan, Bangladesh, Jordan or Gaza with a sewing machine and other tools, enabling her to earn money to support herself and her family, and enjoy a potentially lucrative and creative working life. A simple sewing machine can be the key to lifting a whole family out of poverty and benefiting their local community.

Give a woman and her family the chance to live with dignity.


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