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During this blessed month of Ramadan – 2019, United Hands Relief is thankful to all our generous donors for the opportunity to help vulnerable families in various countries across the world. Many families are struggling to find food for breaking their fast, whether it be due to being in the midst of a war zone or experiencing drought, famine, natural or manmade disaster, etc.

UHR’s teams in Jordan distributed food aid, fresh meat, and gifts throughout Jordan during Ramadan helping vulnerable families. UHR ensured that the families receiving food packages will have enough food for the duration of the holy month.

The food packages included nutritious food items like lentils, rice, tuna, beans, vegetables, sugar, oils, dates, noodles, spaghetti, milk, chicken broth cubes, and more. One food package served five to seven people. Bigger families received two food packages.

Thank you for helping us save the lives of the less fortunate this Ramadan. Your donation made a lasting impact.

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Over 5.6 million people have fled Syria since 2011, seeking safe refuge in neighboring countries: Jordan, Lebanon, and Turkey. Millions more are displaced inside crisis stricken Syria as the war continues.


Jordan is one of the countries most affected by the Syria crisis, with the second highest share of refugees compared to its population in the world, 89 refugees per 1,000 inhabitants. The majority of Syrian refugees in Jordan live in urban areas and in poverty: over 85% live below the poverty line. 48% of refugees are children, and 4% are elderly. This is a huge burden on the Jordanian government. Government of Jordan has taken steps to open formal employment opportunities for Syrians, but it was not enough.

According to the UNHCR, “though most Syrian refugees in Jordan live in host communities, the country is now home to the second largest refugee camp in the world. Known as Zaatari, the camp first opened in 2012 less than 10 miles from the Syrian border and has since become Jordan’s 4th largest “city.” Today, 78,000 Syrian refugees live there in rows of prefabricated shelters provided by international relief agencies.”


Thousands of Syrian refugee families are still without any source of income, especially families of widows and elderly. Many live in old homes and shelters. Men and women have to beg every day to be able to pay rent at the end of the month. Elderly women are forced to clean homes and schools to put food on the table at the end of the day.

Children are our main concern. Many Syrian children are living in refugee camps in Jordan. Due to their unfortunate circumstances, they are being deprived of their childhood. They do not have access to food, healthcare, security or education.


Syrian refugee families are dependent on charity from organizations like United Hands Relief to survive. Through UHR’s Refugee Family Assistance Program, we assess the situation of certain families living in Northern Jordan with the assistance of the Ministry of Social Affairs and Development. Selected families are provided with monthly assistance:

1. Eligible Syrian refugee families receive a monthly food voucher from UHR, which enables them to purchase nutritious food items.

2. Families monthly rent is paid off by UHR

3. Family members receive healthcare they need.

4. Children receive free education and nutritious meals to school.

Through our innovative and cost-effective programs, United Hands Relief strives to protect families, especially children from violence, abuse, and neglect. Our program targets children who have seen hardship and experienced conflict, and we assist them in overcoming these difficult circumstances.

Give now so we can continue to help families in need around the world.


You can help by sponsoring one family in need today. Your generous contribution will

Provide regular financial assistance to our needy Syrian families in order to help them alleviate some of their daily struggles.
Provide the basic living necessities – food, water, shelter, clothing, utilities, etc.
Break the cycle of poverty, and provide stability (short-term and long-term).

· $100 food supplies for one month

· $ 200 Housing for one month

· $ 300 Food supply and Housing

Give now so we can continue to help families in need around the world. Make your 100% tax-deductible gift now. Send help to Syrian families in need of emergency support!

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