Workers were at risk of losing their livelihoods during the pandemic


Jobs lost in the second quarter of the pandemic


Income losses are expected in developing countries due to the pandemic (UNDP)


Countless people around the world don’t get the head-start in life that we take for granted. It’s hard to provide for your family with the education, healthcare and livelihood that you never had.

At United Hands Relief, we are determined to help break the cycle of poverty with our innovative sustainable development projects. Our goal is to empower some of the most marginalized communities in Palestine, Asia, and Africa with small-scale businesses to help them become self-sufficient and earn their own income.

From farms to grocery stores, from livestock farms to delivery carts, from vocational training centers for women, to providing women with sewing machines to start their home businesses. United Hands Relief runs projects that improve livelihoods both short-term and long-term.

UHR makes clean water accessible to impoverished families in remote areas hit hard by droughts, to help limit their long walks fetching for water. UHR provides quality education to children in countries hit hard by poverty and conflict. UHR also helps micro-finance small businesses for the poorest of the poor that help provides long-term livelihoods.

Help impoverished families provide for themselves and their local communities.

We want to build people’s capacity so they can achieve a life of dignity, safety, food and income security. Any amount will help!

  • $350 can provide a vulnerable woman with training, skills, equipment and supplies to start a sewing business.
  • $500 can provide a vulnerable family with an animal – for milk to produce cheese to sell.
  • $1,800 can provide a vulnerable breadwinner with a delivery cart.

Empowering Women & Stimulating Economies in Palestine, Jordan and East Africa.

By helping disadvantaged women to become self-reliant, we are also able to stimulate the local economy and improve the education of these women’s children. Our goal is to provide long-term security for the vulnerable.

Milking Cows or Goats

We provide vulnerable families with milking cows or goats to help them produce milk and cheese, giving them a source of income and nutrition.

Delivering Hope

“I was unemployed for a very long time, and I have six children who are smart. The Tuktuk gift is a gift from heaven. I can now provide for my family, thank you!

Safe Shelter

Since 2014, we have been living without a roof. When it rained, we would wake up and find the house flooded. Renovating our home gave us a new life and restored our hope.”


Our Goal is to Fight Poverty in All Its Forms Through Sustainable Development Projects

Renovating Homes in Gaza

The 2014 devastating conflict in Gaza left thousands of homes and schools damaged. UHR pledged to renovate a number of homes that were affected to prevent them from collapsing and allow families to have a safe shelter. —-

Vocational Training & Sewing Tools

Help us provide widows and women in need with vocational training, a sewing machine and sewing tools, so she can gain vital skills and become self-sufficient. We also train and help women enter the labor market.

Mini Markets & Delivery Carts

Building sustainable livelihoods is key to overcoming poverty. UHR helps provide small business grants to families to establish small businesses in an effort to transform their lives and become self-dependent.

Be Part of a Greater Cause

However Small, your Contribution will Make a Difference

Protect Yourself & Others

Wear a mask, stay at least 6 feet apart, avoid crowds, and wash your hands to protect against COVID-19.

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