Sustainable Development to Fight Poverty in East Africa

As part of UHR’s ongoing efforts to help those living in poverty become self-sufficient, we are focusing on growing our Sustainable Development program. From mini markets to delivery vehicles, farms to providing sewing machines and supplies – Kenya, Somalia and Ethiopia, we empower marginalized communities with small-scale businesses to help them earn their own income.

Mohamad, 33 years old, has been unemployed since before the COVID-19 pandemic struck. Mohamad is educated and very well respected within his community, and all he needed was an opportunity. Thanks to one of our generous donors, Mohamad received a three-wheeled vehicle that he can use as a taxi or to carry out deliveries. This gift has opened the door to a new beginning for Mohamad, and he is very thankful.

Our goal is to lift impoverished communities out of poverty, and for that we need your help. Please donate to UHR’s Sustainable Development Fund and give the opportunity to other families like Mohamad’s to become self-employed.  Help families become economically stable. Any amount will help.

We save lives, alleviate poverty, transform and empower local communities in crisis.

Please help save lives by donating even $1 and spreading this urgent appeal amongst family and friends!
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