Renovating Homes in Gaza

“The goal of this project is to give the vulnerable families of Gaza a healthy and happy living environment”

The people of Gaza have been through great turmoil in recent years. Confined to a small strip of land called the Gaza Strip, it has become extremely overpopulated. In fact, it is the third most populated state in the world, with nearly 2 million people living in approximately 141 square miles of land.

In overcrowded Gaza, the UN estimates that over 60% of the fit-to-work youth population are unemployed – the highest rate of unemployment in the region.  As a result, thousands of vulnerable families are without a stable source of income, and almost 80% of the population in Gaza relies on overseas aid organizations.

Unfortunately, the situation continues to worsen every year. The 2014 conflict and most recent attacks on Gaza have damaged and devastated thousands of homes, displacing many. Families without a stable source of income are living in destroyed homes that are unsafe, and this gets even worse during winter when cold weather and rain sweeps the region and leaks through into their homes.

However Small, your Contribution Will Help

“In the aftermath of the 2014 war on Gaza, over 18,000 homes were completely destroyed or severely damaged across Gaza. And as of today, over 100,000 Palestinians remain homeless.”

Renovating Homes, Transforming Lives & Giving Hope

Together with our local partners, United Hands Relief launched The Renovating Homes in Gaza project and committed to improving the housing conditions of 10 homes at a time across the Gaza Strip, enabling 87 people to live in a safe and healthy environment.

Because of your support, our teams were able to carry out essential repairs to damaged homes by providing tools to aid restoration, rebuilding, plastering and painting. We were also able to provide wooden doors, tile floors, bathrooms and kitchens, including marble works. Plumbing and electrical works were also safely installed and tested.

This project aims at keeping vulnerable Gaza families safe and healthy.


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