Help needy refugee families celebrate the festivities of Eid Al Adha by giving them the gift of FRESH meat!

Together we support vulnerable families around the world by providing customized food parcels that contain nutritious food items enough to feed a family for a month.

“For every hair of the Qurbani, you will receive a reward” (Tirmidhi)
Imagine seeing your child hungry on the day of Eid, and you have nothing to feed them! Unfortunately, for countless destitute families, this is a grim reality.
Thousands of families in the Gaza Strip and West Bank in Palestine, Rohingya refugees in Bangladesh, Syrian refugees in Jordan and Lebanon, and Yemeni families have absolutely no means to buy food, clothing or medication on a regular day, let alone buying Qurbani meat or Eid clothes for Eid al Adha.

We save lives, alleviate poverty, transform and empower local communities in crisis.

Please help save lives by donating even $1 and spreading this urgent appeal amongst family and friends!
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