Sustainable Development

A countless amount of people around the world don’t get the head start in life that we take for granted. For these individuals, it’s not feasible for them to provide for their family with the education, healthcare and livelihood that they never had. At UHR, we are determined to help break the cycle of poverty with our innovative sustainable development projects. Our goal is to empower some of the most marginalized communities throughout the world with small-scale businesses to help them become self-sufficient and earn their own income.

UHR runs projects that improve livelihoods both in short-term and long-term periods, from farms to grocery stores, livestock farms to delivery carts, vocational training centers for women to providing them with sewing machines to start their own businesses. UHR makes clean water accessible to impoverished families in remote areas impacted by droughts, in order to help limit their tiring walks when fetching any amount of water. UHR also provides quality education to children in countries affected by poverty and conflict. In addition, we help micro-finance small businesses for the needy to help provide them with long-term livelihoods.

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