Winter Campaign

Our teams provide shelter, food and other essentials vital for survival to families affected, especially during the winter or harsh weather conditions. We help rebuild communities by helping families become self-sufficient through our development programs. We aim to instill hope and restore the dignity of all those in need. No matter the amount, your contribution will always make a significant impact in changing the life of someone for the better.


With the novel coronavirus again on the upswing, vulnerable families across the Middle East are at risk of an unbearable winter season. Wind, rain and freezing temperatures invade their damaged homes that offer little to no protection from the cold weather elements. Young malnourished children are particularly vulnerable to colds, flu, and other cold-weather viruses that may unfortunately be fatal.

  • For just $100, you can provide a family with enough nutritious food to keep them well-fed for up to one month.
  • $25 provides a heavy blanket to keep a person warm in winter.
  • $180 will give a needy family the blankets, food, heater, and heating fuel they need to stay warm, well-fed, and dry in the upcoming bitter winter.

Together, we can do so much!


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