There are a staggering 150 million orphans worldwide, and the numbers are only rising. Innocent orphans everywhere are vulnerable to poverty, hunger, disease and exploitation – like losing a parent isn’t hard enough!

Orphan Care has been so dear to our hearts since the beginning! United Hands Relief established the Orphan Care program to ensure that the livelihood of orphaned children in Palestine, Jordan, and East Africa are being met. United Hands Relief offers one-to-one sponsorship, where through our sponsors, our teams are able to provide food, clothing, health care, and other basic necessities to orphans, while sponsors receive regular updates on the little ones they support, including photos.

As an orphan sponsor, you’ll have a unique one-to-one relationship with your sponsored child. UHR will send you updates showing how your contributions have allowed your sponsored child to flourish, giving them a brighter start in life. You can choose where you sponsor a child across the countries we serve, or you can leave it to the United Hands Relief team to make sure your donations go where they are most needed.

Life can change in a split of a second. Restore the hope for a better future in hundreds of orphans. You can alleviate the worries of an orphan and a widow by providing a monthly sponsorship of $65 a month.

By sponsoring an orphan, you can give a vulnerable innocent child the chance of a safe, happy childhood and the gift of a brighter future.


Sponsor an orphan today!