Monthly Food Parcels Distribution

Millions of refugees in crisis zone areas remain in desperate need of food, heat, and shelter. United Hands Relief launched its Monthly Food Parcels Distribution program in 2018 to enable us to provide food items for displaced people living in Palestine, Jordan, Lebanon, Syria, Bangladesh, Somalia, Kenya, Ethiopia and Turkey.

However Small, your Contribution Will Help


Through our teams and partners, United Hands Relief works extensively to support the most vulnerable refugees, and this project is aimed at refugees who are struggling to generate enough income to buy food. Unfortunately, levels of international funding have declined over the past couple of years and many organizations are reducing the scale of the assistance they have been providing. For instance, thousands of Syrian refugees in the host communities of Jordan and Lebanon have been affected by a recent significant cut in food assistance previously provided by the World Food Programme.

UHR’s customized food parcels are designed to last a family of seven up to 4 weeks. Parcels are filled with dozens of essential foods including 3 pounds of fresh meat, rice, pasta, grains, canned fish, cooking oil, beans, condiments and more.

Help Us Help Thnose in Need

UHR provides over 1,000 food parcels every month to refugee families in the countries mentioned above. Distribution could reach up to 1,500 parcels a month depending on the funding received from our committed generous donors.  Support UHR’s life-saving efforts to assist those whose lives have been shattered due to conflict, poverty and crisis. Donate today to our Monthly Family Assistance Fund!

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