Installing More Water Tanks Around Gaza Neighborhoods

Addressing the water crisis in Gaza, the UHR team on the ground installed another 32 water tanks in different villages and neighborhoods of the Strip sponsored by generous donors, bringing the total of water tanks to 96.

Gaza’s water resources are not safe to drink. It is estimated that 94% of water in Gaza is unfit for human consumption due to high levels of salinity and nitrates. Sadly, Palestinians in Gaza do not get enough water to meet their daily needs.

Since its inception, providing access to safe and clean water has been at the heart of UHR’s work. Our team and partners understand thoroughly the scope of the water crisis faced by these vulnerable communities.  In addition to installing and refilling water tanks on a weekly basis, UHR also constructs 80m water wells, renovates older wells and installs desalination units.

UHR also raises awareness among communities on water use, sanitation and hygiene practices, in an effort to prevent illnesses caused by water-borne diseases.

We save lives, alleviate poverty, transform and empower local communities in crisis.

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