GAZA Under Lockdown as The Health and Water Crises Worsen …

GAZA Under Lockdown as The Health and Water Crises Worsen Bringing New Misery to Long Suffering Families

The coronavirus pandemic found its way into the impoverished communities of densely populated Gaza.

The Gaza Strip’s first cases of community transmission of the COVID-19 pandemic have been reported raising fears it will spread quickly and worsen an already devastated economy. The recent escalation in violence and the spread of the virus are intensifying the pressures on vulnerable families in Gaza. Hospitals are overwhelmed and on the verge of collapsing. Hospitals are experiencing major shortages of medical supplies and medications. And with 20-hour power cuts, thousands of lives are at risk

  • $60 – Provide safe and clean drinking water for 5 families in neighborhoods where 97% of water is unfit for human consumption.
  • $100 – Provide a customized food package for a family of 7 enough for an entire month.
  • $75 – Provide a hygiene kit, masks, and sanitizers for one family.

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