821 million people around the world face chronic malnutrition.


690 million people go to bed on an empty stomach each night.


100 million people are facing hunger in crises and conflicts.


Together we support vulnerable families around the world by providing customized food parcels that contain nutritious food items enough to feed a family for a month.

It is absolutely not acceptable that 1 in 9 people go to bed hungry. And with the spread of COVID-19 pandemic, these at-risk families have become more vulnerable to disease and death. Fighting poverty and hunger is UHR’s priority, which is why our teams work tirelessly with our partners to help vulnerable families put food on the table.

New evidence continues to signal that the number of hungry people in the world is growing, reaching 821 million in 2017 or one in every nine people, according to The State of Food Security and Nutrition in the World 2018.

Give the Gift of Food Security

As a monthly donor, you become a part of an honorable initiative to ensure that poor and displaced refugee families are well fed and are receiving the health care they need. Every day, you will bring hope, comfort, and support to the world’s most vulnerable.

For $100 a month, you can provide a family of seven with a customized food parcel that contains nutritious foods and is enough for one month. No one needs to go to bed hungry, but so many do. Support UHR’s Food Security fund today! 

UHR fights malnutrition in emergencies.

When impoverished people’s homes are destroyed, when they lose their jobs, and when they lose their crops and livestock, they go hungry, become malnourished and in many cases they lose their lives.

UHR set up the Monthly Family Assistance program to reach refugees and affected families who live in extreme poverty. UHR teams and partners provide vital food assistance to ensure that families are well fed for one month.

Empowering People

UHR works in several countries to save and transform lives, fight poverty and help people live with dignity and security. We work to address food crises in Yemen, Palestine, Bangladesh, East Africa, domestically and other countries.

Thousands of Parcels Distributed

UHR distributes over 500 food parcels to poor families every month. Families who had nothing but bread and tea to feed on before they started receiving their monthly aid.  And in emergencies, UHR reaches thousands of families with emergency food aid and water.

The World’s Worst Hunger Crisis

Nearly 18 million people are struggling to find their next meal, making Yemen the world’s largest hunger crisis. In Syria, after nine years of conflict, nearly 8 million people inside Syria don’t have enough to eat. UHR feeds families on the front lines affected by emergencies.


Crises and humanitarian needs around the world have grown significantly over the last 10 years. Wars, conflict, natural disasters and impacts of climate change are commonplace in countries where long-term efforts to reduce chronic hunger and malnutrition are playing an increasingly important role.

Feeding Children is Our Top Priority

According to the World Food Programme (WFP), more children die each year as a result of under nutrition than malaria, AIDS and tuberculosis combined. A staggering 45% of all deaths among children under 5 are caused by malnutrition.

Monthly Food Parcels Distribution

Today, one in nine people will go to bed hungry; vulnerable people are often given no choice but to eat food without nutrients, eat insufficiently, or not eat at all. With the arrival of COVID-19, the search for work is even riskier…

Fighting Hunger in Emergencies

Hunger and malnutrition are often caused by natural disasters and conflict or a combination of the two. Prolonged droughts may destroy crops and cause food prices to rise, or violent conflict may force people to flee their homes.

Protect Yourself & Others

Wear a mask, stay at least 6 feet apart, avoid crowds, and wash your hands to protect against COVID-19.

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