Feeding Children is Our Top Priority

United Hands Relief works in the most broken countries, helping refugees from Palestine, Syria, Rohingya, Yemen, and East Africa. After fleeing disaster and losing their homes, parents don’t know where their children’s next meal is coming from. At UHR, fighting hunger is our priority. It is devastating that 1 in 9 people around the world goes to bed hungry.

However Small, your Contribution Will Help


Children are our priority. We work hard to fight malnutrition during and in the aftermath of emergencies. When people lose their homes, jobs, crops and livestock – they go hungry. This is why we work tirelessly with our teams and partners to help put food back on vulnerable families tables.

“United Hands Relief does whatever it takes to ensure refugee children grow up healthy, educated and safe”

On behalf of our generous donors, we work to support displaced refugee girls and boys, helping them survive and thrive. Whether in refugee camps, on the borders or in host communities, our teams help refugee children from Palestine, Jordan, Syria, Lebanon, Rohingya, Yemen and East Africa.

Donate to UHR’s Food Security and Monthly Food Assistance Fund so they can have the future every child deserves.

$100 can provide a refugee child and his/her family with nutritious food for a month, including milk and bread. Help them stay nourished. Give them peace of mind!

Protect Yourself & Others

Wear a mask, stay at least 6 feet apart, avoid crowds, and wash your hands to protect against COVID-19.

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