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Food Parcel Distribution - Syrian Refugees

Millions of Syrians are experiencing severe food insecurity and are unable to survive without seeking  food assistance. HUR is diligently working to provide and distribute food parcels for large numbers of Syrians. Hunger and harsh weather conditions inflict a heavy toll on the refugees. Your assistance will help alleviate some of these hardships. Please consider donating towards this noble cause.

Food Parcel Distribution - Syrian Refugees Nov. 2021

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The People of Yemen Need Your Help!

This winter, United Hands Relief partners on the ground provided humanitarian relief and protection across the cities of Eden and Hadramout to hundreds of displaced people.
Millions of vulnerable people in Yemen, including needy children, are struggling to stay warm. With your support, we were able to reach 300 families who had no one else to turn to with winter relief assistance. Vulnerable families received food aid, clean water, winter kits, heaters, and blankets.
Yemen is facing the worst humanitarian crisis in history. We are appealing to our donors to continue supporting UHR’s Yemen Relief Fund to help us reach more families in need.

Yemen Winter Relief

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UHR is helping families affected by poverty and displacement get through the harsh winter months - and beyond.

This winter, as millions of people are struggling to stay warm across the Middle East, United Hands Relief teams are working across several countries to help thousands of people to stay warm, providing emergency winter kits, blankets, heaters, fuel and food parcels to help them survive winter.
With your help, we reached 300 needy families in several neighborhoods in Gaza with winter assistance. Our goal is to help families stay warm and nourished this winter. From just $32, you can share your warmth with a hungry family that is struggling to stay warm. We are providing heaters, blankets, mattresses, warm clothing, waterproof tarps, bedding, fuel, firewood and nutrition.
Severe hunger threatens refugees every winter, Be the change they need. Give them the gift of hope.

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Jordan Food Assistance

In Jordan, United Hands Relief responds to the food requirements of 300 displaced refugee families every month in camps and communities through the provision of monthly food assistance in the form of large food parcels. Families reached by the UHR teams often have no means to purchase the basic essentials to survive.

Jordan is home to hundreds of thousands of refugees and is suffering from food insecurity. There are 665,834 Syrian refugees registered in Jordan and 88,984 registered non-Syrian refugees in Jordan.  Organizations such as the World Food Program, UNRWA, and other international NGO’s have been working in Jordan for years providing aid to refugees, but with the increasing influx of displaced families over the past years, more relief organizations have stepped in to fill in the gap.

Now, more than ever, your support means everything. Millions of families around the world are struggling to overcome hunger and poverty. You can help families affected by COVID-19 in the communities we serve, and aid refugee families seeking safety. Make a tax-deductible donation today!

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Our Response To Kenya's Water And Sanitation Crisis

With a population of 50 million, the majority of the population lacks access to safe and clean water due to recurring droughts, especially in rural areas and urban slums. Now more than ever, access to safe water is critical to the health of families, especially children as they continue to take measures to protect themselves from the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic and other water-borne diseases.

With the support of our donors and local partners, United Hands Relief coordinated water trucking services to distribute clean water in urban communities of Wajir and Garrissa provinces benefiting more than 25,000 people. Our goal is to continue responding to the ongoing crisis by dispatching water trucks on a weekly basis.

Access to safe water and sanitation at home changes everything for families in urban Kenya! It gives them the opportunity to learn, earn and care for their families and livestock.

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A Fruit Market & Juice House for Salah

Ethiopia is the second most populous country in Africa. It has a population of over 96 million people. Ethiopia is considered one of the poorest countries in the world due to the rapid growth in population, consecutive climate shocks – drought and floods, as well as low opportunities for social and economic development. Ethiopia has also suffered conflicts which have led to millions of people losing their livelihoods and requiring assistance.

United Hands Relief has been working to address the underlying causes of poverty and marginalisation by focusing on developing sustainable livelihoods, providing water and sanitation and food security. We focus on improving food and income security by helping impoverished families establish small businesses. From farmers markets, to hairdressers and delivery vehicles, we are helping families secure employment and earn a living, thus giving back to their communities.

Above are some images of one of the projects that was completed for Salah. Salah is a 39 years old individual who takes care of his big family, but has no means to put food on the table. Through UHR’s Sustainable Development Fund, we were able to help him establish and fruit market and juice house. Today, Salah is a happy self-employed individual who is proudly serving his community.

Donate today and help us give other individuals like Salah the opportunity to become self-sufficient.

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A New Beginning for Bilal

Bilal is 30 years old and has been unemployed for two years. Bilal lives with his wife, two sons, and takes care of his parents and siblings. They live in Al Sharqiya, north of Gaza. Bilal reached out to our team in Gaza last year and completed an application requesting to help him start a small business, so he can earn his own income. Bilal is a persistent hard working individual and deserved a new start.

One of our very generous donors in Milwaukee heard of Bilal’s story! With his generous support, today Bilal owns a Tuk Tuk – a delivery vehicle that he can use to deliver food, supplies, or for transportation. Bilal and his family are very thankful for this gift and they are looking forward to a brighter tomorrow.

There are many young men like Bilal out there who need our help to pave the way for opportunity. Be the change they need. Donate today toward the UHR Sustainable Development Fund and help families become self-sufficient.

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Food Security for Orphans in Kenya

As part of UHR’s Orphan sponsorship Program, we ensure that all our sponsored orphans and their families have access to food all month long. UHR serves 300 orphaned children in Wajir and Garissa, Kenya every month. In addition to their monthly sponsorship, UHR also distributes food parcels to the families in Wajir and Garissa, Kenya. According to the USAID, there are an estimated 2.6 million orphans in Kenya who lack adequate care and support. 18.5 million Kenyans live below the poverty line. The UHR Kenya Orphan Outreach Team responds to the needs of orphaned children in three ways:

We offer tangible hope by meeting the educational, physical and emotional needs of these vulnerable children.
We offer health insurance to make sure all children are receiving the healthcare they need.
We offer nutrition by providing children with nutritious meals everyday.
We equip students and their families with the resources needed to help the children continue their educational journey.

Sponsor an orphan today. Restore Hope! A monthly gift of $65 will help provide immediate needs.

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Water Trucking in East Africa: UHR Responds to the Severe Drought in Kenya and Ethiopia

More than 10 million people and their livestock across East Africa are facing a catastrophic humanitarian crisis as extreme weather events are causing severe recurring droughts. Climate extremes in East African countries like Kenya, Ethiopia and Somalia have caused widespread food shortages. East Africa is on the brink of famine.

In Kenya alone, an estimated 2.1 million Kenyans face starvation due to the current drought in half the country, which is affecting harvests (reported by the Guardian). National disaster has been declared as crops fail after poor grains and locusts, while ethnic conflicts make the crisis worse. United Hands Relief is urgently appealing for your help to respond.

In response to the current drought crisis, UHR began coordinating water-trucking services to villages in remote areas where water sources have completely dried up. In this life-saving response, we aim to reach and serve 25,000 children and their families on a weekly basis providing safe and clean drinking water. UHR is there with life-saving support, but we urgently need your help to do more in the most affected drought villages.

$75 provides a customised food parcel for a family of seven enough for one month.
$350 provides a truck load of clean water that serves more than 120 families and their livestock for a few days.

No matter how small, your contribution will make a difference.

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Sustainable Development to Fight Poverty in East Africa

As part of UHR’s ongoing efforts to help those living in poverty become self-sufficient, we are focusing on growing our Sustainable Development program. From mini markets to delivery vehicles, farms to providing sewing machines and supplies – Kenya, Somalia and Ethiopia, we empower marginalized communities with small-scale businesses to help them earn their own income.

Mohamad, 33 years old, has been unemployed since before the COVID-19 pandemic struck. Mohamad is educated and very well respected within his community, and all he needed was an opportunity. Thanks to one of our generous donors, Mohamad received a three-wheeled vehicle that he can use as a taxi or to carry out deliveries. This gift has opened the door to a new beginning for Mohamad, and he is very thankful.

Our goal is to lift impoverished communities out of poverty, and for that we need your help. Please donate to UHR’s Sustainable Development Fund and give the opportunity to other families like Mohamad’s to become self-employed.  Help families become economically stable. Any amount will help.

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Protect Yourself & Others

Wear a mask, stay at least 6 feet apart, avoid crowds, and wash your hands to protect against COVID-19.

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